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Ingrid Koivukangas


Welcome! My name is Ingrid and my work is about reconnecting people back to the Nature, to Spirit and the sacred energy that surrounds us. I'm an artist, designer, writer, flower farmer and all around creative.

In my practice as an environmental artist I work with the natural world and site energies to create work that connects people to sites and their stored memories and messages. I work with dreams, deep intuition…and magic.

I created the Eco Heart Oracle based on some of the experiences I had as an artist working with Spirit and Nature. The Alchemy Flower Oracle is based on my personal experiences of working with and growing flowers at Alchemy Farm. 

I teach private and group flower workshops, intuitive workshops and occasionally host retreats at our beautiful farm on Salt Spring Island. Signup to receive Messages from the Garden and find out what's new at the farm and when workshops are available. You can also contact me directly if you'd like to book a private or group workshop or retreat. 

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