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When I was 11-years-old my grade six class went on a camping trip to Prince Rupert on Vancouver Island. Children, teachers, chaperones, camping gear and supplies for three nights were loaded on board an old yellow school bus. We chattered excitedly as the bus took us down city streets to the highway that would eventually begin to meander through old growth forests of Cedar, Douglas Fir and Hemlock. It would take us a couple of hours to arrive at our destination.

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Spider Web Silk: Goats and Bandages

The spider walked across the top of my computer with complete confidence. He didn’t hesitate–he was on a mission. I was busy writing. We almost managed to ignore each other. But before I knew it he was dangling from the top of the screen, descending towards my desk like a seasoned mountain climber. Maybe he was trying to entomb my screen? Did he think there was some chance of catching a quarry attracted by the light of my Mac? I have to say I didn’t want to find out. I coaxed him onto a discarded manuscript page and gently put him down–outside. My home has always been a ‘no kill’ zone. Yes, that has raised a few eyebrows. My response...

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Visual Art Meets Written Word: The Writing of the Hunters of the Dream Trilogy

As an environmental artist I work with site energies and their stored memories to create art work that reconnects viewers to the Earth and back to the sites. I work with dreams, meditation and deep intuition—each site giving me a unique and special message. Many of us have become disconnected from the Earth and I feel a sense of urgency to communicate the messages the Earth has shared with me in a way that can be understood by the heart and soul as opposed to the mind and intellect.

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