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The House Carrier and the Hunter's Moon

The beginning of our Pacific Northwest winter rains have brought snails out of hiding. This morning two of them crossed our path, not the usual Pacific Sideband dark brown variety we're used to, but lighter coloured Terrestrial Land Snails with light pinkish-purple bodies. Snails are associated with full moons in many culture and their appearance this morning coincides with the October full moon, the Hunter's Moon.

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Toxic Skin That Can Kill 25,000 Mice!

We came across not just one but three Roughskin Newts on our morning walk, a sure sign of winter's rainy approach. Roughskin Newts are a type of salamander found in the Pacific West from the Alaskan Panhandle south to California from sea level to 2700 metres. They are fairly large reaching up to 22 centimetres in length from tip of the nose to the end of tail.

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